By: Igor Poltrovski
Published: 12/11/2018 11:03 EST

Fidget spinners are one of the latest crazes, reducing stress and anxiety. They just might help you stay focused and avoid making impulsive decisions. Companies and individuals keep coming up with new ideas for these gizmos, while schools are going crazy, trying to ban them as the ultimate distractions. Their suspicions about it being a distraction are most likely misplaced.

Some users have actually found this little toy to be very helpful coping with anxiety habits like:

  • Taping Fingers
  • Ear touching obsession
  • Touching hair
  • Fidgety fingers
  • Biting your nails

Not to mention that it’s SUPER FUN!

Kids and adults around the world have taken to the tiny gadget so much so that they’ve started breaking the internet with random social media challenges to prove our point.

Here are a few ways that “fidgeters” of the world have been showing off their skills and the utility of this toy:


  • Musically Fidgeting

Some users combine their musical and coordination skills to dance/spin to the music.

  • Nasal Balance

Balancing a basketball is a overrated these days! Try balancing this gadget on a body part like these guys! Bet you can’t do it like them!

  • Double-Threat

How about this user who’s blowing her competitors out the water doing BOTH. Balancing her gadget on her nose AND to the music?!

  • Time Challenge

This user’s got a razor-sharp spin so his friends timed how long he could go for.

  • Multitasking Like A Boss

Sometimes being active doesn’t entirely stop the overthinking. This guy is multitasking like a boss.

Clearly this gadget has a one-size fits all vibe.

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