Disclaimer: This books aims to act as an educational tool and does not guarantee success in any nature. It should be used purely as a beginners guide to the world of finance and not as a blueprint for actual trading

Book Summary:

This book aims to focus on helping students and newcomers understand the world of online trading. This resource should be treated SOLELY as an introduction to trading an purely for educational purposes.

What will you gain from reading this book?

A sound knowledge of how the finance world works and terminology that is applicable to the industry.

You and your friends will be able to have a full discussion about trading once reading this book.

How is this book different?

It breaks down the basics in a visual and understandable way using a basic approach to learning. The book was written with the average person in mind and not an expert. It starts from the bare basics and progresses to slightly more advanced chapters, keeping the end reader in mind, you!

Will there be more versions of this book available?

We hope to create more volumes with further information in the future. There will definitely be a second part to this book with more in depth analysis and discussion of various topics.

It will explain the minimal basics to get an all round comprehension of the subject and industry as a whole.

Is it available as a hard copy?

Currently there is only an e-book version of this book. We will keep it that way as we want to keep it environmentally friendly!

What topics does this book cover:

Here is a quick break down of just some of the topics we cover:

  • How to work around the world economy
  • Methods of gaining a competitive advantage in the online trading world
  • Choosing the right broker
  • Working with an Account Manager
  • Learning how to trade
  • Microeconomics and Macroeconomics 101
  • Using available free softwares to leverage your knowledge
  • What trading holds for the future

We hope that you enjoy this book as much as we do!

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