26 Year Old Liam Murphy had been best friends with James Langley since high school. But one day, after accidentally sending him the wrong SMS message, their friendship would never be the same again.

James and Liam were like two peas in a pod. People often joked that they had a shared bromance.

James had been dating his girlfriend Olivia for about a year, but made sure he always had time for his best friend.

The three of them even hung out together.

More recently, Liam hadn’t been returning James’s phone calls which was not like him. Liam had expressed his concerns to Olivia, and she reassured him he was probably just busy.

Olivia had been pretty busy herself the past few weeks, and Liam was hoping all three of them could get together and catch up over a few drinks.

He had a big surprise to share with both of them!

Liam went ahead and sent James a message, but he wasn’t expecting the reply he received.

James Sent A Message That Was Intended For Olivia….

The message read: “Hey babe, Liam just messaged me, have you told him about us yet? xx”

Liam was outright shocked! He couldn’t believe that his best friend had been hooking up with his girlfriend behind his back.

James and Olivia would later come to regret their actions….

Liam had just gotten a promotion from his boss, and had booked a trip for all three of them to Spain the following weekend!

Now Liam discovered their little secret, those plans were about to change. Quick thinking got Liam to call up James’ girlfriend and he tell her everything.

But he took his revenge one step further. He asked her to join him the following weekend in Spain, to which she accepted!

The Rest Was History….

Liam told us that the following week, days before the trip, both his best friend and his ex were calling him up, apologetic and begging for forgiveness.

We asked him how he felt about the whole ordeal:

“To be quite honest…. I’m relieved! I always try to look for the good in people and I’m glad what happened did. I’ll tell you something though, they missed out on one hell of a celebration weekend! Luckily, James’ ex girlfriend is good company, if you know what I mean….”

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