By: Chris Malfred

This swing will spin people completely upside down in and in a circle – reaching a staggering height of 5 metres. Father-of-two builds stomach-churning 360-degree swing in back garden spinning people all the way around.

Meet the UK’s most recent Willy Wonka (minus the candy). This dad built his toddler son the ultimate backyard playground by erecting the UK’s ONLY 360-DEGREE swing at their home – but little Jake will have to wait before he can try it out.

Former-plumber-turned-Engineer Colin Furze’s amazing invention can go higher than the house and UPSIDE DOWN, so it’s too much for the three-year-old right now. Turns out the kiddie-project wound up being the neighbourhood’s extreme rollercoaster ride.

The frame is a massive 5.6m tall and the axle which spins him round is 5m high, which means that when Colin swings, he towers over his family home.

(Image: Geoff Robinson)

The 36-year-old is fitted with a 25 kilo drum of water on one end of the axle to off-set Colin’s weight and he then clings on to the other end of the incredible feat of engineering at his home in Stanford, Lincolnshire.

“I put my feet between two pegs and hold onto the handle bars, then swing in the normal way, but once I get horizontal I have to lean my body forwards to help propel myself over the top of the frame,” Mr Furze explains.

“I was a bit nervous at first, especially as I’m not strapped in and only holding on with my arms, but it is great fun.

(Image: Geoff Robinson)

“It is quite physically demanding getting the swing to go high and it makes me feel sick if I go round too many times. Luckily the counter weight works well, which makes it easier for me to swing.”

When the swinger gets horizontal they have to lean forwards to propel themselves over the top of the frame.

The view from the top as Mr Furze swings all the way over the frame. Colin, who also has a one-year-old daughter, had to build a huge winch to pull the central axle into place and fix it in position.

“I struggled at first and had to make some adjustments to the height of the swing, so the frame wouldn’t bend, but it was fairly easy to build,” added Colin.

(Image: Geoff Robinson)

“Jake absolutely loves swings, but unfortunately this one is too big and dangerous for him to try. He thinks it looks really cool though.”

Colin, who used to be a plumber, is renowned for the inventions he makes in his garage at home, including magnetic shoes, which helped him hang upside down from the ceiling.

The self-taught engineer, who has a popular invention engineering channel on YouTube , has also made a hover bike and a jet bike and holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest pram and longest motorbike.

(Image: Geoff Robinson)

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