Meet Brad Morley – Returning home from work early one day, Brad found his girlfriend in bed with a stranger. To save face, he devised a clever plan.

He told us how he devised a plan to get the perfect payback…

Brad story as told to our Reporter:

Besides the odd argument, I honestly thought we were in a healthy, loving relationship.

After losing her job, my girlfriend moved in with me. She had no money so she stayed rent free. It was great having her around and I thought by living together, our relationship might go to the next level. I really wanted to marry her.

The problem was, I needed to work double shifts to cover our expenses. It was tough putting in the extra work, but I didn’t mind, but unfortunately, she couldn’t understand that double shifts meant less time spent together.

I would have gone to the moon and back for her, unfortunately, I soon learned she would only go as far as my bedroom.

She was constantly complaining that we didn’t spend enough time together so my plan was to surprise her by coming home early, cooking a good meal, sharing a bottle of wine and watching a nice movie with an intimate cuddle in between.

I didn’t realise she was already this and more from a stranger…

When I got home I knew something was wrong. The place was dead quiet, too quiet in fact and and as I passed the bathroom I noticed the toilet seat was up. That was strange as she always had a hissy-fit when I left it up.

That meant there was another man in the house….

I tried to gather my thoughts. Perhaps I was overreacting. Maybe she had just invited a friend around for coffee and he used the bathroom. I wondered if he would also be crapped-on for leaving the toilet seat up?

It’s difficult to explain, perhaps it was just a gut feeling, but something else was going on here. After looking around the apartment, I made my way towards the bedroom and as I opened the door quietly, I was suddenly hit by my worst nightmare.

There were two naked people passed out in my bed. One was my girlfriend, the other, a complete stranger!

They were both asleep and their underwear lay next to them on the floor along with an empty wine bottle. It looked like they had enjoyed a good party and I wasn’t invited.

Secretive phone calls, now made sense…

My girlfriend had been acting strangely recently. She was always getting late night calls supposedly from her ‘mom.’ Her unusual behavior now made sense. She’d been lying to me all along and I wondered if this half-naked stranger lying next to her in my bed was the only guy she had brought home.

At least they had used protection… A half empty box of condoms lay on the nightstand. I had bought them last week. I guess I wouldn’t be needing them now.

My head was in a spin and I didn’t quite know what to do. I figured I could pull the dude out of my bed and kicked his a**, but that would probably get me in trouble and besides, I don’t think he forced his way into the situation. I needed to create a better solution…

And then suddenly, I knew how to get even…

She needed to be taught a lesson and I had the perfect plan!

I pulled out my phone and snapped some shots of them sleeping in my bed. They didn’t even notice.

As I snapped away, my heart was racing and my hands were trembling.

Before I left the apartment and headed for my car, I uploaded the photos to every social media site I could find with a message that read:

“Thought you would both like to share your experience with the world.. .See ya around!”

Positive feedback…

The photos went viral and within hours, people around the world started engaging with me. A few people were critical of my actions, but generally, most congratulated me for keeping my cool and finding a smart way to preserve my dignity.

Looking back, I believe she deserved being exposed to the world. At least I didn’t get violent and I was surprised to receive such positive reactions from everyone.

It’s been tough getting past the shock and the heartbreak, but the online support I’ve received has helped me immensely. That support has also helped me to understand that the world’s not a bad place after all, as long as you make the right choices.


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